Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

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Lectionary: 133
Read: Matthew 20:1-16a

Gospel Summary
The vineyard owner hired five groups of laborers. Each subsequent group began work later in the day. When the owner hired the first group, they agreed on a fair wage. At the end of the day, he called in the workers and began paying them, the last ones first. Of course, the early morning crew saw the later ones getting a full day's wage and excitedly anticipated a bonus for themselves. When they were paid, they received only the negotiated amount. "It's not fair!" was their cry.

Reflection for Families
How many times a day do our children point out that someone got more than they did? Enough, I'm sure, for us to know that today's Gospel illustrates a human response! But our human ways are not God's ways. God's generosity is sometimes beyond our understanding. But imagine what a world it would be if we rejoiced in generosity and good fortune of others.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Make a list of the gifts God has given your family. They may be things that you can see and touch, or they may be intangible gifts like character, health, or intelligence. Ask yourselves: Do you think your family has more gifts than some other families? Do all the gifts have to have material value? Are there some families you know who have gifts that can't be measured in dollars and cents? What does all this say to you about God's generosity?

Discussion Starters
1. I remember once giving someone something (or doing something for them) without a specific reason. I remember feeling...
2. I can remember an incident where someone got something I didn't. It was when...
3. Once I got a full day's wage for only working part of the day. I think there is a connection between that time and this gospel because...

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