Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 122B
Read: John 6:60-69

Gospel Summary
In today’s Gospel, Jesus’ followers reach a point on the journey where it is time to make a decision. Do they believe in Jesus and in what he has said? Should they continue to follow him? Or is it time to walk away and to return to their former way of living? Many are unable to accept Jesus’ words and choose to no longer accompany him. When Jesus asks the Twelve if they also want to leave, Peter answers, “Master, to whom shall we go?”

Reflection for Parents
Imagine that you are with the Twelve and the other followers of Jesus today. Where do you find yourself on the road? Do you believe in Jesus and in his Word? Do you choose to follow him? Or are there points on the road where you slip into a former way of living—into old habits, behaviors, and attitudes that are not becoming of a disciple of Christ? Take some quiet time to think about your level of discipleship. Is it whole-hearted, half-hearted, or barely evident to your family and to others? Commit yourself today to continuing to follow the Master, the Holy One of God.

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
Help each family member trace his or her footprint onto a piece of construction paper. Cut out the footprints. Have each family member write his or her name on one side of the footprint. Then pass the footprints around and ask other family members to write down ways they see the footprint owner following Jesus. Adults and older children can help younger children do this too. After everyone has contributed to each family member’s footprint, invite family members to read what has been written on their footprints. Pray that those in your family will always be faithful followers of Jesus.

Discussion Starters

  1. A time when it was hard for me to follow Jesus was when . . .
  2. I want to follow Jesus because . . .
  3. One way our family can follow Jesus more closely is . . .