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Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 122
Read: John 6: 60-69

Gospel Summary
It was very difficult for some of Jesus' followers to hear the words of today's gospel. Jesus pointed to himself as the one in whom God chose to reveal himself. But the people could not bring themselves to call Jesus by the titles they reserved for God alone. Jesus knew there would be those who would not believe-those who started to follow him but could not continue. It is clear from this gospel that we can't fully understand all that Jesus said. It is only through faith that we continue to follow him.

Reflection for Families
When our children overhear our words or see us when we think they are not looking, which people in today's gospel do they see? Are we the ones who grumble, the ones with shallow faith who half-heartedly follow Jesus? Or, are we like the disciples who recognize Jesus as the one who offers us eternal life? It may be easy to be the latter when we speak directly to our children, or when we know they are watching us. The true test of our faith, however, may be what we do away from our children's presence.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Help each family member trace their own foot print on a piece of paper and cut it out. On one side put the family member's name. Pass the foot prints around to other family members allowing each person to write down ways they see the foot print owner following Jesus. After everyone has contributed to each person's foot print, affirm one another in the ways you follow Jesus. (Take turns helping people who can't write. Drawing is allowed!)

Discussion Starters

1. One time I almost turned away from God when . . . but I came back because...
2. Jesus asks me to follow him. Sometimes I am tempted to follow another "god" when I...
3. One time when I didn't know what God had in mind for me but followed anyway was when...

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