Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, Primary

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Primary Session
Mark 10:35-45 [or short form 10:42-45]

Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
Dear Jesus,
You died on the cross to save us.
Thank you for loving us so much.
Help us to show our love for you in return.
In your name we pray.

Opening Life Reflection

List the seasons of the year at the top of a large sheet of paper or newsprint. Invite the children to think of everything they associate with each season. Take time to focus on the season of winter. Point out that often flowers die and trees loose their leaves due to the cold of winter. The trees look barren and lifeless in many parts of the country. Discuss:

  • What happens to the trees and flowers in the spring season?
  • How does nature show us that there is life after death?

Jesus shows us that there is life after death. Jesus died for our sins. But the story does not end there. Jesus is raised from the dead and we are given the gift of eternal life.

Listening to the Word of God

In the gospel reading today listen to Jesus telling his disciples about his upcoming death.
Read Mark 10:42-45.

Allow for silence.

  • Why does Jesus want his disciples to know about his approaching death?
  • What does Jesus tell his disciples he has come to do?
  • Did the disciples understand that Jesus would die and rise from the dead?
  • Who is saved as a result of the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel using the Catechist Background section.

In Mark’s gospel, Jesus’ death is not something that takes Jesus by surprise. He freely goes to Jerusalem where he knows that death awaits him. Along the way, Jesus tries to tell his disciples that he must suffer and die in order for God’s glory to be revealed.

Jesus is our savior. Jesus died for our sins and three days later God raised him from the dead. Through the suffering and death of Jesus we have gained the glorious resurrection and our salvation.

Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • What does a cross or crucifix remind you of?
  • Does recalling the suffering and death of Jesus help you to ask Jesus for help when you are hurting?
  • How can you help others who are suffering?

(If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.)

Doctrinal Discussion Starters
Redemption by Christ’s Suffering

For Catholic Christians, the mystery of the cross and resurrection of Jesus is the focal point of faith. Jesus saves us from sin and death. Our salvation is revealed as Jesus walks among us on earth. He gives his life, offering himself to God as one of us in all things but sin. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh in order to save us.

We are saved because God loves us. Through Jesus we are joined with God when we open our hearts to God’s love.

  • How can you thank God for the gift of salvation?
  • How does the death and resurrection of Jesus give you hope?
  • When do you to turn to Jesus for help?
  • How can you bring Jesus’ message of hope to others?

The Gospel in Life

Look at all the living things around you and thank God for the gift of life.

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