twenty second

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Lectionary: 614
Read: Mark 9:2-10

Gospel Summary
In yesterday’s Gospel reading and in the Gospel readings for the next few Sundays, Jesus is telling the crowds who he is—the bread of life. He tries unsuccessfully to get people to listen to him and to believe what he is saying. In contrast, in today’s Gospel we hear a voice from the cloud clearly identify Jesus as “my beloved Son.” And the voice commands, “Listen to him.”

Reflection for Parents
When do you take time to listen to Jesus? Today and in the coming week, take time to just sit still and think about whom Jesus is and what he is saying to you. Invite your family to join you in doing this. Together, listen to him!

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
The word transfigure means “transform into something more beautiful.” Just for fun, invite family members to each find something that is old, unused, broken, or in need of some attention. Challenge each person to transform, or change, the item he or she finds into something more beautiful. Set a time limit for the transformation! Gather again and invite each person to show his or her handiwork. Ask how much effort it took to transform the item. Make the connection that by listening to Jesus and by following him, we too are changed into more loving, compassionate, and faithful disciples.

Discussion Starters

  1. A time when I saw Jesus’ glory with my own eyes was when . . .
  2. One way Jesus has transformed me is . . .
  3. A person who needs to see God’s glory today is . . .