Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, Primary

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Primary Session
Luke 14:1, 7-14


Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
O loving and caring God,
You care for those who are poor and hungry.
Help us to show your love and care for others.
In the name of Jesus we pray.


Opening Life Reflection

The theme for today is concern for the poor. Provide clippings of pictures from the missions or other organizations that help care for the poor today. To begin, show the pictures and talk to the children about how the missions collect money to help poor and hungry people throughout the world. Discuss:

  • What do you think of when you see pictures of hungry children?
  • How can you help people who are poor and hungry?
  • Name some groups that work to help the poor today.

Allow time for discussion. God loves and cares for all people. Jesus cared for the poor and fed those who were hungry. All Christians are called to care for the poor.


Listening to the Word of God

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells his followers to care for the poor.
Read Luke 14:1, 7-14.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters

  • Why does Jesus tell his followers a story?
  • What does the story say about where to sit at a party?
  • Why is it best to take the lowest place?
  • What does Jesus tell his followers about caring for poor and outcast?


Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the gospel.

In today’s Gospel Jesus uses a story to teach his followers about being humble and caring for the needs of others. Jesus tells a story about being invited to a wedding banquet. The story makes it clear that it is best to sit at the lowest place instead of the place of honor. God gives honor to those who are humble.

Jesus also tells his followers to welcome those who are poor and rejected by others. God blesses those who welcome the poor and the outcast.


Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • What does God do for those who are humble?
  • When do you show care for others?
  • Why does God bless those who help the poor?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]


Doctrinal Discussion Starters

Preferential Option for the Poor

Christians are called to care for the poor because God cares for the poor. In our Catholic teaching the Preferential Option for the Poor recognizes that the Church should help those most in need.

The Catholic Church teaches that all people have a right to healthy and full lives. Helping to make sure that people have enough food, clothing, housing, health, education and work is the task of all Catholic Christians.

We believe that God blesses those who help the poor. When we care for the poor and work for justice we make God’s love present in the world.

  • Name some people or groups who help the poor.
  • Where can you learn more about how to care for the poor?
  • How can you make God’s love present in the world?


The Gospel in Life

Name one thing that you can do this week to help the poor.


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