Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

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Lectionary: 139
Read: Matthew 21:33-43

Gospel Summary
Using a parable, Jesus got the Jewish leaders to admit their error. He described a vineyard owner (God) who sent slaves (prophets) to collect his share of the harvest from the tenants (Jewish leaders). But the tenants killed the slaves. The landowner sent more slaves, but the tenants killed them, too. Finally the owner sent his son (Jesus). Of course, they killed the son. Jesus summarized his point by telling the chief priests and elders that what they had rejected (their place in the kingdom) would now be given to the Gentiles.

Reflection for Families
God has given us a great harvest in our children. The harvest may not be perfect or a bumper crop in all ways, but nevertheless, the harvest is a precious gift from God. Like the greedy tenants, there are things in our lives that would take us away from our responsibilities to our children. What are the things we give in to and how have we justified their interference? Perhaps it is our job. Of course, we need to support our families, but is our lifestyle worth a trade-off in the amount of time we spend with our children? Do our friends, hobbies, ambitions sometimes get in the way of family time? Today's gospel challenges us to appreciate the fruits of our harvest.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Go through your child(ren)'s photos from the time they were born (or joined your family) until the present. Share memories and notice how they have grown in so many ways. Reflect together on how they are good fruit and what their gifts are. Share with one another how these gifts help bring about the Kingdom of God while we are still here on earth. Are there any changes family members can suggest for themselves that will further enrich the harvest? How can we be better fruits for the Kingdom of God?

Discussion Starters

  1. I think this reading is really saying to me...
  2. The greatest thing I have accomplished in my life is... I think (or don't think) God would agree with or like this great accomplishment because...
  3. Sometimes I spend a lot of my energy on things that do not bring about the Kingdom of God, like...