Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, Intermediate

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Intermediate Session
Genesis 2:18-24
Mark 10:2-16 [or (short form) 10:2-12]

Opening Prayer
Let us pray.
Ever-loving God, You created us to live in friendship with you and one another.
We thank you for our friends.
In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Opening Life Reflection

Put the word “friendship” on top of a large sheet of paper or newsprint. Invite the children to name all the qualities of friendship that they can think of. List them on the paper. Discuss:

  • What is your description of a good friend?
  • What are some things that you like to do with a friend?
  • Are friendships important to you? Why or why not?
  • Do you think that you are a good friend to others? Why or why not?

A friend brings out the good in us. With friends we are able to laugh, cry, talk and play. God understands the importance of companionship. Human beings were created to live in friendship with God and one another.

Listening to the Word of God
In the first reading from the Old Testament listen to how God made man and woman.

Read Genesis 2:18-24.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters

  • Why did God create a companion for man?
  • How was woman made?
  • Why was woman the best partner for man?

In the gospel reading listen to Jesus teach about marriage.
Read Mark 10:2-12.
Allow for silence.

  • What does Jesus say about marriage?
  • Why does Jesus think that the union between husband and wife is so important?
  • What does Jesus say about the time of creation?

Scripture Background

Provide 2-3 minutes of background information on the readings using the Catechist Background section.

Today’s first reading describes the creation of all living things as God intended them to be. Man and woman are made as partners. God formed every animal of the field and bird of the air but none of these were fit to be a companion for man. So, God caused man to fall into a deep sleep. While he was sleeping, God removed one of man’s ribs and made it into woman. Woman was formed as a true partner for man. She is bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. This account of creation points out that companionship and the attraction that can exist between two human beings is good and comes from God.

In today’s gospel reading the Pharisees ask Jesus about divorce. Jesus responds with a discussion about God’s purpose in creating man and woman. Jesus describes the union of husband and wife as lasting because the two are united and become one flesh.

In this gospel, Jesus teaches us about the sacredness of marriage. When two people respect, honor and care deeply for each other, when they give unselfishly to one another and forgive each other’s imperfections, their union reflects the very love of God.

Questions for Deeper Reflection

  • Why does Jesus place such a high value on marriage?
  • Do you think that people today understand marriage to be sacred? Explain.
  • Do you treat your friends with respect and care?

(If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.)

Doctrinal Discussion Starters
Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment

The story of creation teaches us that God intended for man and woman to live for the good of each other. Marriage is an intimate partnership of life and love. This kind of union between husband and wife provides a safe place for each person to grow.

Catholics believe that married couples by their self-giving to each other share in the very love of God. It is through Jesus that man and woman are capable of being united. The love of man and woman is made holy in the sacrament of marriage, and becomes a sign for the world of God’s everlasting love.

  • Describe how some married couples that you know reflect God’s love.
  • Do you think that it is important for married couples to be close friends? Explain.
  • Do you value your friendships? Explain.

(In your discussion be sensitive to the reality that many children have experienced a divorce in their family. Today’s discussion may also lead to the topic of annulment. The Church believes that some marriages do not represent the kind of intimate union between two people that God intended at the beginning of creation. Therefore an annulment can be granted to those divorced couples whose marriage was never a sacramental marriage.)

The Gospel in Life

Make it a point this week to let a friend know that you are glad to be friends. We have learned today that God understands the importance of companionship. If you are feeling like you need a companion, take some time this week to pray and ask God to send you a special friend.


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