Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Lectionary: 141
Read the Gospel: Luke 17:5-10

Gospel Summary

Parents often live this Gospel well. Better than most people, they know what it means to “serve” without expecting a reward. For many, parenthood is reward enough. Jesus explained to the disciples in this passage that service was a requirement of discipleship. When the disciples asked how they could have more faith, Jesus explained that faith was a gift. Faith is not something we control, but only something we can appreciate as a gift from God. To show our appreciation, however, Jesus demonstrated through a lesson of service how we can show our thankfulness to God for the gift of faith. When we share our faith with others and demonstrate it by showing the love of God to those we meet, we proclaim our gratitude.

Reflection for Families

Parents often fall into bed at night declaring to the empty darkness, “No one appreciates all I did today.” Perhaps it’s the lot of parents to spend most of their years in a state of exhaustion, but when those little legs climb up to our laps and tiny hands clutch our necks in a hug, we don’t feel quite so weary or burdened. The smile that crosses our lips shows our true appreciation for God’s gift and the service we offer is our gift in return.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Is there someone you know in your neighborhood or family whose zest for life has diminished? Perhaps you know someone who is ill, elderly, or worried. As a family reach out to that person with a phone call, a colorful picture, or a visit. Sometimes people enjoy focusing on something other than their own problems, and your family may offer just the diversion they are looking for.

Discussion Starters

  1. The best thing about serving my family is . . .
  2. I wish I had more faith when it comes to . . .
  3. This week people will know my love for God when they see me . . .


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