Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

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Lectionary: 136
Read: Matthew 21:28-32

Gospel Summary
Jesus pointed out to chief priest and elders that they had not believed John nor had they changed their hearts after seeing Jesus. They were like the son who said "yes" to his father's request to work in the vineyard. Even though he said he would, the son did not work. The father's second son (representing sinners) said "no" to his father's request, but went to the vineyard and worked after all. Jesus said it would be those who are like the second son who would enter the Kingdom first.

Reflection for Families
The parish parking lot on Sunday morning helps illustrate this parable. We say "yes," we believe as we worship inside our churches, but when we get to the parking lot (and work, school, neighborhood), we imitate the first son by not acting out our "yes."

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
We are free to make choices. As a family, try to choose something of notice in your parish community. Perhaps there's a request for help in the bulletin, or parish announcements. Maybe you are aware of a need for service in your community or from something you read in the newspaper. Try to say "yes" as a family and serve someone with your response.

Discussion Starters

  1. Sometimes it's hard for me to obey, especially when...
  2. There have been times I have said "yes" but didn't follow through with my commitment. The reason for this is usually because...
  3. Sometimes I say "yes" to God even when it's hard. One of those times is when...