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Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

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Lectionary: 107
Read: Mark 6:30-34

Gospel Summary
In last week's gospel, Jesus sent the apostles out on a mission to teach others what they had been taught by Jesus. Certainly exhausted from their travels, they returned to Jesus who encouraged them to rest alone in a place with no distractions. However, before they could get away, the people found them and would not leave them alone. Rather than being perturbed by the intrusion, Jesus felt compassion for the crowd. To him they were a flock of sheep and he would be their shepherd. They sought knowledge and he would give it to them.

Reflection for Families
The crowds followed Jesus and his disciples even when what Jesus and his friends needed most was solitude. Jesus said they were sheep without a shepherd. So, with a great deal of compassion, he fed them what they needed to know to have eternal life-a life where they would never be hungry again. Our children look to us with the same hunger and eagerness as the crowd did in today's gospel. Like Jesus, we can change the shape of our children's lives with our example and words to live by.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Plan an outing together as a family where you can spend some quiet time with one another and Jesus. Allow members of the family to plan a small segment of the day-perhaps a reading from scripture, a prayer, a faith sharing question. On your way home from the outing, check in with one another and see how the day helped you personally, in your relationships with one another, and your relationships with Jesus. Try to see a connection between your experience and the experience Jesus had with the disciples.

Discussion Starters

1. Sometimes I'm so busy that I don't have time to rest or eat properly. One thing I've learned about myself when this happens is...
2. One time when I was like a sheep without a shepherd Jesus came to my aid by...
3. There is one person I know who could use the peace and caring that Jesus offers. I will help bring Jesus to this person by...

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