Holy Family

Feast of the Holy Family, Year C

by : RCLB

Lectionary: 17C Read: Luke 2:41-52 Gospel Summary In today’s Gospel, Mary and Joseph discover that Jesus is not with them in the caravan returning home from celebrating the Passover in Jerusalem. After searching for three days, they find him back in the Temple. Mary questions why Jesus stayed behind, but she does not fully understand Jesus’ response—he...

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Feast of the Holy Family, Year A

by : RCLB

Lectionary: 17 Read Sunday’s Gospel: Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23 Gospel Summary When the Magi left the Holy Family in Bethlehem, Joseph was warned in a dream to take Mary and Jesus into Egypt because Herod was looking to destroy the child. Following Herod’s death, another angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and informed him that it was now safe to return to...

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